AUS News Grabber: Adding new parser class

This page of detailed information about adding new parser class to the AUS News Grabber plugin consists of 2 parts. The first part is stricktly technical and therefore recommended for developers and users with fair technical experience. The second part is tailored for regular users. If you are not a techie guy and technical details don’t make much sense to you, go ahead and skip to the second part!

Detailed information for developers

// Advanced info goes here.

Information for regular users

You can use the AUS News Grabber plugin to fetch posts published in other websites and re-publish them on your own blog automatically! There’s no need for you to copy and paste the posts by hand anymore. All the process is fully automated: the plugin can be configured the way that whenever new post is published on the target website, the plugin copies the post automatically and publishes it on your blog!

The plugin already has some target websites built-in for you to copy posts from. But you may want to fetch posts from completely different website, the one that we haven’t included in our plugin database.  In that case you can make a premium request and we’ll add the requested website to the plugin’s database. For a small amount of fee you can have us add any target website to fetch new posts from using the AUS News Grabber.

Fee for adding one target website – $15.

You may pay using your credit card. Any further information can be obtained upon request via contact form.