AUS Telegram Channel Plugin

This is a simple plugin that lets you automatically send your posts to your telegram channel via your channel admin bot.


1. Download AUS Telegram Channel plugin from WordPress Plugin directory.
2. Upload zip file to your WordPress Plugins directory. /wp-content/plugins
3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
4. Go to Settings > AUS Telegram page enter your channel admin bot token and @channelusername.
5. If you want to send posts that were added after particular date you can set the start date, it is optional. If not set then all posts will be send.
6. Set the recurrence of sending process.


Frequently Asked Questions:

We advice you to check this page:

= How can I set my telegram bot as admin to my telegram channel? =

We advice you to check this page:


1. Message example on web browser:

2. Message example on Desktop client:

3. Options page:



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  • thank u for this plugin . could u pls tell me why it sends from specific users and all new posts from other users are not sent


    • Hello, Mahdi.
      I have not tested it with multiple users. I’ll test it, if I find any bugs I’ll fix it and inform you about it, insha Allah.


    • I tested the plugin with multiple users, it worked for me. Please, check onemore time. And I added a new setting to plugin options page. Soon update will be available.


  • hello!
    thank you for create this plugin.I have a problem whit this!All of my post not send in telegram.and reference not work in hourly mode.please help and I need source of plugin whitout cron job!in other word automatic send post in chanall.


    • You can download the plugin and edit as you want. The license is GPL. Any changes and distributions are welcome.


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