AUS News Grabber

AUS Grabber is a tool to copy entire body of posts from other websites to your own. With this plugin you can automatically copy blog posts and images from different sources and publish them on your website. When you want to spice up your blog with posts from different popular websites, AUS Grabber... Read more

AUS News Grabber: Adding new parser class

This page of detailed information about adding new parser class to the AUS News Grabber plugin consists of 2 parts. The first part is stricktly technical and therefore recommended for developers and users with fair technical experience. The second part is tailored for regular users. If you are not... Read more

AUS Telegram Channel configuration example

In this article you can learn how to connect your WordPress with your Telegram channel using AUS Telegram Channel plugin. Open your telegram client and search for a @botfather bot: Create a new bot with @botfather: Copy the give bot token: Press the Pencil button to create a new... Read more

AUS Telegram Channel Plugin

This is a simple plugin that lets you automatically send your posts to your telegram channel via your channel admin bot. Installation: 1. Download AUS Telegram Channel plugin from WordPress Plugin directory. 2. Upload zip file to your WordPress Plugins directory. /wp-content/plugins 3. Activate the... Read more